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‘Get a vasectomy, watch March Madness’ deal sweetened with free pizza (video)

A urology clinic located in Hyannis, Mass. is taking advantage of the recently popularized practice of encouraging prospective vasectomy patients to schedule their procedures during March Madness so they will be allowed to watch the NCAA Tournament guilt-free while sitting on the couch recovering from the surgery, presumably sitting on a bowl of ice.

But Urology Associates of Cape Cod is taking it one step further: the clinic will throw in a free pizza to sweeten the deal. Bonus. I am sure there are lots of guys in the area that weren’t planning on getting a vasectomy, but a free pizza as well? That’s an offer nearly impossible to turn down.

Practice administrator Evan Cohen even has a bit of a sense of humor about the entire process, especially the part about the free pizza (via the Cape Cod Times), “It does actually come with one topping. Maybe you can put some meatballs on it.”

Well, that’s just inappropriate. I guess folks involved in the urology business can prove to be just as much of a hoot as proctologists.

The clinic even produced a commercial to drum up attention to their promotion. It follows, contained within a video report that takes a humorous angle on the story.

A description of the ad, for those who cannot view the video because you’re stuck at work and missing the tournament (perhaps you should have scheduled a vasectomy):

The practice has launched a zippy commercial video promoting the deal. In it, an attractive woman fiddles with a basketball while a female voice says, “Hey guys! Want to watch the college basketball tournament guilt-free?”

After dangling the free pizza offer, the voiceover artist goes for the sale. “You know you’ve been thinking about a vasectomy, anyway. Now’s the time to get it done.”

Heh. Dangling.

The article goes on to explain exactly how the vasectomy procedure is done, but I’ll spare you the details. One comment from a urologist at the practice, however, must be highlighted:

“It’s one of the easiest and less-stressful forms of birth control,” said Dr. Evangelos Geraniotis.

Yeah, maybe for everyone but the guy going through the procedure.