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And now, ‘The Love Boat’ intro, starring the Minnesota Timberwolves (video)

The Minnesota Timbertrolls, the folks behind such wonderful Minnesota Timberwolves-based parodies like the Family Matters intro mash-up, the “Dancing Timberwolves” video and the photoshopped animated GIF riffing on the jeep scene from Zoolander, have delivered once again, this time mashing up the classic intro to The Love Boat, entitled “The Kevin Love Boat” (get it?), featuring Minnesota Timberwolves players, the team’s mascot, Crunch, some cheerleaders thrown in for good measure, and most hilariously, head coach Rick Adelman, starring as “Your Captain.” Brilliant. Although I don’t quite understand the quick cuts from Titanic and Jaws.

Jeez, between awkward karaoke performances and the like, the T’Wolves have not only returned to respectability as far as the NBA is concerned, they are taking the viral video world by storm, thanks to the Minnesota Timbertrolls. Well done, gents.