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Alexander Ovechkin’s NCAA bracket is confusing, hilarious, highly Ovie-ian (pic)

That. Is. Awesome.

Something tells me that Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin either:

a) doesn’t quite understand how to correctly fill out an NCAA Tournament Brackets;
b) is profoundly lazy;
c) enjoys drawing circles and squiggly lines irrespective of whether or not the situation warrants it;
d) looked a little something like this when he was filling it out:

or, e) all of the above

While I cannot say with any confidence which of the above options is most accurate, I can add this with absolutely certainty: I am glad I’m not running the pool Ovie is in. I’m getting a headache just looking at that darn thing.

And Alabama winning it all? Seriously?

[H/T Ovie’s teammate Joel Ward’s Twitter account (by way of D.C. Sports Bog)]