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The All-Hockey Hair Team from Minnesota’s High School Hockey Tourney (video)

It is hard to believe that it already has been nearly a year since we last took stock of the magnificent mullets, the brash bleaches and the many other varieties of hairstyles that sit atop the melons of competitors in the Minnesota State Boys High School Hockey Tournament. The competition, skill and thrills in and of themselves make it one of the best prep sports tournaments in all the land, but the hair…oh, the hair.

For some reason or another, Minnesota’s hockey-playing young men seem to relish the opportunity to seize the moment on the grand stage and display some of the goofiest, off-the-wall and peroxide-damaged ‘dos this side of Hollywood. It is quite the freaky scene, to say the least.

To make the video even better, the narration by the creator of the video makes it all that much more compelling and hilarious. Sample: “When was the last time you saw two people right next to each in line with that type of salad? Brilliant.”

I don’t know what that means exactly, but it is awesome.