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Kate Upton’s Zoo York commercial rejected by MTV, Adult Swim (video)

An ad for Zoo York starring Kate Upton alongside some potty-mouthed cockroaches has been rejected by MTV and Adult Swim after being deemed too risque for the general public. Why? For its use of bleeped profanity and the presence of an image featuring Miss Upton’s “erect nipple.” Oh dear.

Despite the controversy, Upton thinks the commercial is “funny,” adding, “Who knew cockroaches were so racy and hilarious?”

Said Jameel Spencer, EVP of Marketing for Zoo York’s brand management company, Iconix Brand Group, Inc., regarding the ad: “We selected Kate for the commercial not only because she is beautiful but because of her youthful and vibrant disposition.”

Indeed. The video follows below.

The setup of the ad (via the New York Daily News):

In the ad, Upton is seen jogging through Tompkins Square Park in New York’s East Village neighborhood as the skate brand’s infamous “talking” cockroaches provide expletive-ridden commentary along the sidelines.

As a belly-baring Upton takes her time stretching around a group of skateboarders, the two bugs start a conversation filled with double entendres, using the words “grinding,” “backside” and “waxed.”

Well, that’s just horrible. And don’t forget about the supposed appearance of an erect nipple to boot.

Anyhoo, on to the video, but with one caveat:


Well, that’s not so bad, is it? I guess I better watch it again to make sure I didn’t miss something offensive.