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Ichiro does spot-on impression of Sean Connery in new Mariners ad (video)

Okay, maybe it’s not spot on, but perhaps that’s the humor in the fact that Ichiro’s Seattle Mariners teammates could not identify Brendan Ryan’s killer Robert DeNiro impression but nailed who Ichiro was imitating in an instant.

Although a Sean Connery line from an Indiana Jones movie? Talk about an obscure choice when there are is at least one other solid Sean Connery reference available. I mean, let’s not forget his wonderful work in the critically acclaimed film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Right?

Wait. James…Bond? Never heard of him. And what’s with this “Shaken not stirred” reference by Ichiro at the end of the ad? Darn kids with their newfangled, weirdo movie references.

[H/T Big League Stew]