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Cash-strapped Little League turns down $1,200 donation from area strip club

When the Jet Strip Gentlemen’s Club announced that it would donate $1,200 to the Lennox Little League baseball organization, it appeared that the season would be saved and the kids would be playing baseball after all. The league was in dire financial straits due to the Lennox K-8 School District’s decision to double the fees to rent baseball fields. The little league’s money woes were compounded by the fact that the school district decided to prohibit the sale of hot dogs at games, another mechanism by which the league raised much-needed funds.

But in stepped Jet Strip Gentlemen’s Club, a local strip joint, to save the day. The unidentified owner of the club, who describes it as community and family-oriented, insists that this is business as usual for an operation that holds an annual family festival to raise money for school supplies for area children in need.

Unfortunately, the donation by the strip club brought with it undesired attention due to the nature of the services offered at the business, something that prompted the little league’s president, Roberto Aguirre, to decline the generous offer (via Off the Bench).

“This morning we found out exactly where the check came from,” Aguirre told KTLA Monday night. “It was a shocker to us.”

According to Aguirre, the Lennox School District will return the check to the strip club, keeping baseball’s image clean.

“We do not want the money from the strip club. I think, for us, we do need the money, but we will go some other avenue,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre said that instead of accepting the strip club’s money — which should be as good as any other organization’s (unless it came in piles of wadded-up dollar bills) — he hopes that the school district will renegotiate the fees associated with ball field rental and plans to reach out to other, less seed, local business. But as the old strip club saying goes, when stuck between a pole and a hard place, sometimes you just have to grab onto that pole and scoop up anything that’s tossed in your direction. Okay, maybe that’s not a real saying, but it works.