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Bobby Valentine responds to Ozzie Guillen’s ‘Go and (bleep) himself’ comment

It’s only mid-March and two MLB managers are already engaging in a slightly immature war of words. Granted, one of the managers is the colorfully verbose Miami Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen, and the other is a guy who has always loved the sound of his own voice, new Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

Valentine was asked to react to the news that Guillen said that if he had seen Valentine’s wave as the Marlins manager was ejected during a spring training game between the teams earlier this week, he would have said the following to Valentine: “I would have told him to go and (expletive) himself, too.”

Here’s what Valentine had to say in response:

“It became a big thing,” Valentine said, laughing. “It’s Spring Training.”

Valentine heard about Guillen’s response to his reaction on Tuesday, though it’s safe to say he wasn’t particularly upset.

“Has he ever not said that about something?” Valentine said.

Ha. Zing. Well crafted, Bobby V. It’s a shame these two guys aren’t at the helm of teams within the same division. Now that would have been a source of some great fireworks throughout the long MLB season.