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Anthony Davis’ unibrow graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Tourney preview

Oh, I see how it goes: a star male basketball player’s epic unibrow survives Sports Illustrated‘s penchant for copious airbrushing on its “NCAA Tournament Preview 2012” issue, but when it comes to the covers of their annual Swimsuit Issue, airbrushing is employed liberally. Doesn’t seem right.

Wait. What am I talking about? Sports Illustrated, please continue airbrushing Swimsuit Issue covers. Not that the models generally need much airbrushing, the practice does provide images bordering on near perfection. But allow me to mention that there would have been nothing wrong with airbrushing a little gap in the middle of Kentucky Wildcats stud Anthony Davis’ forehead to give the impression he doesn’t suffer from a terrible case of unibrowitis. Just saying.