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After 400,000 offspring, superstud Jocko the Bull shuffles off this mortal coil

After siring as many as 400,000 offspring during an amazing stud career where he donated 1.7 million sperm straws (whatever that means), Jocko the Bull has passed away at the ripe-old age of 17 (to be honest, I’m not sure whether that’s considered a long life for a bull or not).

Born in 1994 to a three-legged bitch of a mother (okay, that part about his mother is not true), Jocko was the go-to stud in France in order to propagate the Prim’Holstein cattle strain (as pictured above), the main strain of black-and-white milking cow used in the country.

Via Reuters:

“An international star from the Prim’Holstein breed, this bull rose to become an unquestionable reference and ranked third globally in terms of use,” said Creavia, the farming cooperative that raised the broad-shouldered beast.

Jocko was actually forced into retirement last year and it is believed that he died of natural causes, but I think we all know the score here: Jocko died of a boredom and a broken heart. Or a wicked bad case of blue balls. One of the two.