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Tiger Woods takes on Shaquille O’Neal in Kung-Fu Golf in ‘PGA Tour 13’ ad (video)

To promote XBox 360’s upcoming release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 which features the employment of the gaming system’s Kinect motion sensor, the folks at EA Sports came up with idea of having Woods take on O’Neal in some video game-based Shaq-Fu action and the results are pretty amusing.

Employing a reverential nod to the clunky voice dubbing from classic kung-fu movies where the words being said do not match the movements of the actors’ mouths in no way whatsoever, Tiger and Shaq engage in some back-and-forth prior to busting out some nifty karate moves which culminate with a golf swing. Pretty neat.

Said Shaq (via Game Hunters):

“I’ve been a fan of MMA since the 90’s and even used it to train and stay in shape,” O’Neal says of the shoot with Tiger. “Anytime I can do a little Kung Fu it’s always a good time.”

Awesome. The only thing missing is an appearance of Michael Winslow to reenact his Kung-Fu scene from Police Academy. That would have been pretty sweet.