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Here’s a lady who sports a huge Gary Payton tattoo on her side (photo)

Not to be punny, but I have to argue — so long as this gal is a die-hard Seattle Supersonics fan from way back (the NBA star’s numerous stops following his departure from Seattle don’t count)  — that this gal’s Gary Payton tattoo fits her and her Gary Payton fandom like a “Glove.” You know, because Payton’s nickname was “The Glove” and the saying about the relative nature of the appropriateness of…well, you get it.

The artistic qualities of the huge tattoo which covers essentially the entire left side portion of her torso is quite impressive. No word if she has a Shawn Kemp tattoo on the other side, but that would be something else, although if I learned that she has a George Karl tattoo anywhere on her body, I would likely strike the same pose as Gary is in the above ink. Just saying.