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Golfer stabbed with broken putter during golf course melee, may lose right leg

In yet another sad illustration how our world is going to hell in a handbasket, a 48-year-old Texas man suffered a critical injury when he was stabbed with a broken putter during a fight on a golf course. The stabbing punctured his femoral artery during the on-course altercation where he was attacked by another golfer due to a dispute over playing through.

Clay Carpenter was golfing in a threesome last month at the Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth,Texas when a course marshal authorized his group to play through a slower-moving foursome directly ahead of them.

Via FOX Sports:

“One of the gentlemen waved us up, so we hit up. All three of us hit up,” he said.

Carpenter, of Tarrant County, said a man from the other group then came at them yelling and cursing. He is alleged to have had a putter in his hand.

“Things change rapidly, you know. He swings at my head with his golf club, with his putter. Well, I stick my hand up. It breaks my thumb,” Carpenter said.

The next few moments remain a blur for him, and are the focus of a criminal investigation by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

“Next thing I know, my buddy’s saying, ‘Clay you’ve been stabbed,'” he said. “Obviously my shoes were filling up with blood, and at that point I passed out.”

Video report follows.

A FOX 4 report (via the Daily Mail):

Golfer May Lose Leg after 13th Hole Stabbing:

No one has been arrested in the attack and no charges have been filed but the incident is under investigation by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, which is likely of little comfort to Carpenter. While he has been released from the hospital, he likely never will golf again with a worst case scenario being the amputation of his right leg. Unbelievable.