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K-Love the Timberwolf meets K-Love the Octopus (video)

On a rare day off Thursday from the grind of this lockout-shortened NBA season, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love was at the SEA LIFE Aquarium exhibit at the Mall of America to meet the guest of honor who was being introduced to its new habitat: a cephalopod mollusc that is his namesake: K-Love the Octopus.

The unique idea to name an octopus after a basketball player was the brainchild of John Sullwood, marketing and communications manager of the aquarium and huge Timberwolves fan, said the reason behind the concept was, like the budding NBA superstar whose name he shares, K-Love the Octopus, due to his eight arms, is quite adept at grabbing things: food for the sea creature and rebounds for the basketball player. Although if one could come up with a way to train a group of octopuses to play some kind of water-based version of basketball…well, that would be pretty neat.

After helping introduce K-Love the Octopus to his new home by placing him in the aquarium and later feeding it some shrimp, Love had this to say about the unorthodox honor bestowed upon him:

“They wanted to name an octopus after me,” Love said, laughing. “I couldn’t say no.

“There’s not really any resemblance. I guess he’s gotta grow,” Love said. “But it was a lot of fun to be able to feed him and be down here. … Who can say they have an octopus named after them?”

Not many people, Kevin.

Video follows.

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While they share the same name, the K-Loves went their separate ways after the event: K-Love the Octopus to explore the tank it shares with over 10,000 other sea creatures and K-Love the Timberwolf to continue to restore credibility and relevance to a long-suffering organization.

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