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Guy attends game, holds up sign claiming he’s Dirk Nowitzki’s brother (photo)

Hmm. Well, okay. If he wants to believe that.

To me, this fellow, who, whenever he gazes upon himself in the mirror, says to himself, “Man, I look just like Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki,” much more resembles a combination of individuals whose DNA has been all mixed up to create some clone-like being.

Just off the top of my head, I’d argue that he was created in a test tube with equal parts of genetic code from Dirk Nowitzki, Gary Busey, Tom Petty and little DNA from a Neanderthal, if any were actually available. I guess what I’m getting at with the Neanderthal dig is that absent of someone practicing the kind of a perverted brand of science needed for such an experiment to succeed, this guy nevertheless has a little Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer thing going. Minus the Juris Doctor degree, I suspect.