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Watch the flamingos flap their wings on the Marlins Park home run sculpture (vid)

Somehow, this video has eluded my watch for two weeks, but here’s an up close and personal look at the newest, ugliest and perhaps only fully operational home run-celebrating sculpture that exists in a major league ballpark that also serves as full-fledged nightmare fuel.

Behold, video that documents the movements of at least some of the many bells and whistles of the $2 million home run sculpture that sits in right field at the Miami Marlins new ballpark. As you can see, the pink flamingos’ wings flap and the neon waves shift back and forth in a kind of mesmerizing, technicolor dance. Still images of the thing were off-putting enough, but seeing it in motion…hoo boy.

Unfortunately, the rotating marlins which “dive” up and out of the water are notoriously absent from the video. Perhaps some last-minute kinks needed to get worked out. Or they were napping. Probably the former.

It remains to be seen how the beating the sculpture took during a recent Marlins batting practice will affect its performance and functionality throughout the season, but after seeing its hypnotic movements, let us hope it holds on for the long haul, no matter how odd it might be. There’s nothing else in the MLB like it.