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Video pimping White Sox made in response to MLB 12’s ‘Cubs winning World Series’ ad

The new commercial for MLB 12 The Show that depicts a fantasy world scenario where the cursed Chicago Cubs at long last win a World Series has turned into something of a viral phenomenon over the past week. And as it should: it’s a brilliantly conceived ad that generated even more buzz than Sony originally envisioned.

Amusingly, the commercial has been met with something of a tongue-in-cheek backlash in Chicago. Chuck Garfien of CSN Chicago, on behalf of White Sox Nation (is there a White Sox Nation?), takes issue with the fact that the woeful Cubbies are the center of all the attention and that team that hails from the South Side of town has in fact actually won a World Series in real life. Way back in 2005.

So, in a clever take on the commercial, actual footage of Chicagoans celebrating the White Sox’s World Series championship is interspersed in a video done in the same tone as the MLB 12 The Show spot, with the tag, “So Real. It Actually Happened.” You know, instead of canned, fake footage of Cubs fans ecstatically celebrating an imagined World Series victory that is contained in the original version. Let the backbiting begin!

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