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Server fired for uploading documentation of generous tip from Peyton Manning

A server named Jon who uploaded a snapshot of a bill featuring documentation of a considerable tip left by Peyton Manning after he dined at the restaurant she worked at has been terminated by his employer.

Originally reported by Sweater Punch, the bill from Manning’s dining experience at the high-end eatery Angus Barn restaurant in Raleigh, N.C., reveals that Manning left a $200 tip on a $739.58 tab, even after an 18% gratuity had been added beforehand.

As a result of the photo going viral, a server has been canned for his lack of discretion and one restaurant owner is profoundly embarrassed:

And his likely unwitting generosity cost the server’s job, because the restaurant’s owner Van Eure was outraged at the unwanted publicity.

“This goes against every policy we have,” said Eure, adding that her establishment prides itself on discretion.

“It’s just horrible,” she was quoted as saying.

I imagine. Eure added that she intends on trying to contact the unrestricted free agent quarterback to apologize for what occurred at her restaurant.

I do wonder, however, if the server in question was at least allowed to keep the generous tip. Something to help him along as he gets back on his feet. Although I’m willing to bet, given Manning’s reputation as Mr. Nice Guy, that if provided the opportunity, the quarterback politely requests that the owner show some mercy on the poor server in question and asks that his employment be reinstated.