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Kate Upton attends Thunder-Suns game, has negative impact on teams’ shooting

The lovely and talented Miss Kate Upton was in the stands at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night to watch the hometown Thunder take on the Phoenix Suns.

According to a report from, the man sitting next to Upton is her Uncle Aubrey, so don’t worry, guys, it might be a million-to-one, but I’m telling you there’s still a chance.

A different report on the game from Daily Thunder is far more intriguing, at least at it pertains to some telling — yet anecdotal — situational shooting statistics related to the perceived negative impact Miss Upton had upon players while she was nearby…likely due to the distracting nature of her devastating good looks and not because she’s a particularly brutal taunter.

To wit:

Fun fact: Shooting at the basket where Upton sat under, both teams combined to go just 39 percent from the floor. On the other end? 49.4 percent. Also, the Suns went 9-12 in the first half from the free throw line, while at the Upton end, they missed six. Including a rare one from Steve Nash. Thundor’s big jiggling belly is a pretty good distraction, but obviously not as good as Thunder Upton.

Utterly fascinating. Who would think that having arguably one of the sexiest women in the world in such close proximity make a grown man get all flustered and subsequently cause some random guy to be unable to perform as well as he insists he usually does and it’s really not how it usually goes — more of an anomaly, if you will, a one-time thing, even — but he has had a lot of stuff on his mind lately and all he’s asking for is another chance…

Wait. What am I talking about? I think I was originally discussing basketball, but now I’m not so sure. Never mind. Um, hey look! Kate Upton animated GIF!

Oh, and here’s some video of an interview with Miss Upton (apologies for the terrible audio):