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Jersey Fail: Fan’s Mario Lemieux jersey has legend’s last name spelled wrong (pic)

Sure, Mario Lemieux may have been honored by the great city of Pittsburgh on Wednesday when the Penguins organization staged the official unveiling of a statue bearing his likeness to commemorate his many contributions to the city’s hockey team, but that does not mean that some of his fans have any idea how to spell his surname, what with the silent “X” and everything, as evidenced by this undated photo.

Now, I’m no Francophobe or anything — I love that guy’s acting, but that’s another story altogether and I don’t know why I brought up here in the first place (wait, what?) — but what’s the difference where a silent “x” is placed within a name? Other than accuracy, of course.

Even worse, I heard this kid thinks Lemieux’s first name is Luigi. Now that’s a huge mistake. Gee whiz.

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