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Guy wears Kobe mask to Lakers-Wizards game, visits with sideline reporter (video)

The Los Angeles Lakers were in D.C. Wednesday night to take on the Wizards, which provided die-hard Lakers fan, Virginia’s Chris Brooks, to show his solidarity with the injured Kobe Bryant. How so? By wearing a protective face mask, very similar to the one his hero has been sporting since his nose was broken during the All-Star Game. In fact, in his excitement, Brooks even wore the mask as he slept the previous night. This is where it’s important to point out that Brooks’ nose is not broken, nor is there much a risk of his nose being hit while attending a basketball game. Or while sleeping, for that matter.

Here’s what Brooks had to say to Comcast Sportsnet sideline reporter Chris Miller after Miller took the initiative to seek out Face Mask-Wearing, Die-Hard Kobe Bryant Fan Guy to get to the bottom of his unique homage to his favorite Lakers player, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog:

“My nose is not broken, it’s not broken at all. I’m simply wearing the mask because I’m a Kobe Bryant fan, I wanted to show him that I’m dedicated. He’s wearing the mask; I can wear the mask while I’m watching him play. He’s the best in the game.

Miller then makes an inquiry regarding the frequency in which Brooks wears his face mask, to which Brooks replied:

 “In excitement for the game I slept in it last night,” the young man replied. “I kept it on during the day. I wanted to make sure I was focused and ready for the game tonight, so that way my breathing and everything is normal during the game. But I’m excited to be here.

Huh. Interesting. Valuable lesson for you kids out there: don’t go all willy-nilly if you plan to wear a face mask to an NBA game. You can’t just go with some devil-may-care attitude and show up to a game wearing a face mask and expect to be adequately focused while sitting in the stands and wearing said mask. These kind of things require the utmost preparation.