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Fireman Jaromir Jagr gets all the ladies in Czech commercial (video)

Current Philadelphia Flyers right winger Jaromir Jagr is a national hero back home in his native Czech Republic, so it comes as no surprise that his talents are much sought after when it comes to product endorsements.

And while my knowledge of Czech culture is indeed limited, from what I can ascertain, if the Czeck ladies go wild for Jaromir Jagr the hockey player, they will most surely go ultra-crazy for Jaromir Jagr posing as a fireman. You know, because chicks did a guy in uniform.

In the commercial, a group of comely lasses having a birthday party intentionally set off their home’s smoke alarm by placing a cake with candles near it in order to lure Fireman Jagr to their humble abode. It works and the ladies are quickly drawn by his fireman charm.

What product is this commercial promoting? Smoke alarms? Raising awareness that staging fake fire emergencies is not appropriate unless you’re a group of sexy gals? I don’t know. Perhaps we should allow Google Translate decipher what the video’s summary, which is entitled “Euromiliony – Jaromír Jágr – Dort (20 s.)” reads:

„Vyhrajte u Sazky a dělejte už jen to, co vás opravdu baví!” alias Jaromír Jágr jako hasič.

Win at the stake, and do only what you really enjoy! “Alias ​​Jaromir Jagr as a fireman.

Now I’m even more confused.  Huh.

(Actually, subsequent internet research has revealed that Euromiliony might be some kind of Euro Lottery Game)

[H/T The700Level]