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Blake Griffin is good at jumping in the air and putting the ball in the hoop (video)

I believe the kids are calling it a “slam dunk” these days, but what Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin did to the defense of the New Jersey Nets on this play was pretty rad, as the hipsters say.

Late in the third quarter, Griffin took the ball on the baseline, did a little 360-degree pirouette before rising underneath the basket and violently slamming the ball home, which is pretty much his standard modus operandi when around the basket.

The spectacular slam elicited an exclamatory “OHHH! BLAKE GRIFFIN!!! THAT’S A MAN’S JAM!” from Nets broadcaster Ian Eagle and I’m inclined to agree. There’s no way an ape could do that. Unless properly trained in the dunking arts, I suppose. Then, I guess it could happen. But not a real-live Griffin, if they were in fact real and not mythological creatures that never existed. The lack of opposable thumbs would be a Griffin’s downfall in attempting this athletic act. But I guess that argument is entirely academic anyway. Something to think about, though.

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