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Twins debut new ad campaign: ‘Sorta-Deep Thoughts’ starring Joe Mauer (video)

The Minnesota Twins organization is no stranger to utilizing clever and offbeat ad campaigns to promote their product. Some of last season’s ads included Jim Thome as a Paul Bunyan-esque character and current manager Ron Gardenhire and former skipper Tom Kelly donning wigs are just a sampling of how unique the Twins have been in their commercials.

The latest installment, entitled “Sorta-Deep Thoughts from Twins Territory” stars catcher Joe Mauer and Ron Gardenhire in separate spots articulating their own sorta deep-thoughts, clearly an homage to the classic Saturday Night Live bit, “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”.

Joe Mauer, sporting a Twins shirt and a turtleneck, expresses his own sorta-deep thought, all the while stroking a stuffed lion:

Some people think I’m too reserved. But really, I’m a prankster. Like the prank where I act like I’m real reserved all the time. That’s a good one.”

And Gardy’s, riffing on his often tumultuous relationship with umpires:

“I never would want to argue with my Grandma, so maybe umpires should dress like my Grandma. Then we could all get along better.”

Haha. Sure, it won’t erase the 99-loss season from last year or exempt the team — especially Mauer — from another subpar season, but it’s an amusing bit.

[H/T RandBall]