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Here’s a Photoshopped animated GIF of T’Wolves players in ‘Zoolander’ jeep scene

Yeah, I know: that title is a bit wordy. And not really clear, either, but that’s about the only way I could explain this amusing image featuring the visages of Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Anthony Tolliver.

From the folks that brought us the Minnesota Timberwolves/Family Matters intro mashup comes this delightful animated GIF featuring a portion of the jeep scene from Zoolander when the actor portrayed by Ben Stiller, along with some of his modeling buddies, go joyriding in his jeep while “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” plays in the background. One of my favorites scenes from the movie, although I’m relieved the animated GIF of the gasoline fight scene that follows shortly afterward. That wouldn’t be good for anyone.