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Favre gets ripped in half in Taiwanese animation treatment of ‘Bounty-Gate’ (vid)

When I found out that NMA World Edition created a Taiwanese Animation Treatment video to report on the New Orleans Saints’ “Bounty-Gate” controversy, my first thought was, “Oooh, this is going to be a bloody orgy of senseless cartoon violence.” And not surprisingly, the folks at NMA didn’t let me down.

In one of their most blood-spattering videos to date (and that’s saying something), Next Media Animation goes all out to graphically depict — in their own unique, over-the-top manner — their take on exactly just what was occurring during the supposed bounty program under former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

The first illustration consists of then-Vikings quarterback Brett Favre having his legs separated from the rest of his body courtesy of a Saints defensive player. Blood squirts out of the lower half of Favre’s body as his upper torso, head and arms are sent skyward before crashing to the ground as the nearby Saints player beats is chest like a bloodthirsty gorilla.

As the NFL conducts its investigation in the video, the two halves of Favre’s body are placed in a wheelbarrow and carted off the field. A welcome image for many, I reckon.

The video segues into an amusing illustration of how ESPN anchors and analysts got on their high horses and soapboxes regarding the alleged bounty program, of course by placing representations of ESPN personalities on a horse marked “High Horse” and a soapbox labeled “Soapbox.”

From there, believe it or not, the video proceeds to get stranger. In another scene, a Bears player is seen injecting another Bears player — who is on all fours, mind you — with a gigantic hypodermic needle from behind.  Interesting visual. A member of the press then stumbles upon the scene to take photographs while an NFL investigator places the phallic hypodermic needle under the rug. Like I mentioned, interesting visual.

Punishment is then meted out to the Saints by the close range execution of two blindfolded Saints coaches– presumably one being Sean Payton – courtesy of a neo-fascist firing squad.

Football players are then transformed from athletes competing on the gridiron into gladiators armed with swords and shields in some kind of Romanesque arena, where a New York Giants player has his arms lopped off by a Saints player before getting cut off at the knees. This all occurs in front of “Emperor” Roger Goodell, who gives a “thumbs down” to the staged battle right before a river of blood splatters all around him.

I have to admit that after watching the video, I possess a much better understanding of exactly what occurred during the Saints’ bounty program than I did beforehand. Sure, the allegations involved in the case are now littered with psychotic imagery and skewed with orgiastic depictions of violence, but I think I fully grasp the horrific nature of it all. Thanks, NMA World Edition. For what its reporting lacks in realism it more than makes up for with guilty-free entertainment.