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Dodgers photobomb Marilyn Manson, others at ‘Eastbound and Down’ gala (pics)

In February, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Javy Guerra and first baseman James Loney attended the premiere gala for season three of the brilliant HBO series, Eastbound and Down. Not only were they granted the privilege of meeting series star Danny McBride as well as other Hollywood luminaries, they were provided an additional assignment courtesy of the folks behind the website, Funny or Die: photobomb as many party attendees as possible.

Said Javy Guerra (via Big League Stew):

“I love ‘Eastbound and Down’ — Kenny Powers is one of my favorite guys,” Guerra said (as if Powers were a real person). “And asked if they wanted to go photo bomb. I’m like, ‘What is that?’ But it was a good time.”

Funny or Die  has the entire photo gallery highlighting Guerra and Loney’s photobombing exploits, but as you can see above, they successfully managed to photobomb none other than Kenny Powers himself, and below is evidence of their risky photobomb of the Antichrist Superstar himself, Marilyn Manson, who apparently loves the the show and might have been a bit aggravated by the two Dodgers players’ wacky antics:

“He got a little pissed, you could just tell,” Guerra said. “He’s a big fan of the [Kenny Powers] show and I didn’t want to ruin it for him, so I feel kind of bad. But it was more or less just a gimmick.”

Ah, I wouldn’t sweat it too much if I were those guys. Behind the wiry frame, pale skin and eyeliner, Marilyn Manson is a lot more like us than he would have you believe with his exotic persona. I mean, he’s a big fan of Eastbound and Down after all.

(Bonus points to the fellas for photobombing Adam Scott as well)