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Arizona mattress company’s billboard asks Peyton Manning to play for Cardinals (pic)

A mattress company in Arizona has erected a billboard alongside an interstate in Phoenix imploring Peyton Manning to “PLEASE SLEEP HERE” in an attempt to lure the Indianapolis Colts quarterback into playing for the hometown Arizona Cardinals should he and the team part ways, which occurred on Wednesday.

Obviously, this is not the first attempt where a billboard has been used to try and sway an athlete to consider his options. In 2010, a billboard was erected in Hattiesburg, Miss. by Minnesota Vikings fans in an attempt to convince Brett Favre to return for another season with the team after the devastating loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game. Of course, Favre did return for another season — albeit it was a tremendously unsuccessful campaign — although it is unclear how much of an affect the billboard had upon Favre’s ultimate decision.

In another example of a billboard-based campaign, disgruntled Broncos fans unhappy with Tim Tebow’s spot on the bench initiated a movement in Denver pleading with Broncos brass to insert Tim Tebow into the starting lineup by funding pro-Tim Tebow signs. And we all know all too well how that eventually played out.

We will have to wait and see how a random mattress company’s efforts to lure Manning to the Valley will play out. Reports are that the company intends to erect three LED billboards in the coming weeks as well. But in the end, if R&S Mattress wants Manning to consider playing for the Cardinals, I can’t see how he can refuse to consider it as an option at the very least. Even better, he might even get a free mattress out of the deal. Nothing wrong with that.

But you have to imagine all this Peyton talk is making Kevin Kolb a sad, sad man.