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Adidas is releasing hybrid footwear that crosses a sneaker with a cowboy boot (pic)

Bad Idea Cowboybootshoes? Bad Idea Cowboybootshoes.

From Huff Po (by way of With Leather) comes the news that Adidas is apparently set to unleash the above footwear monstrosity upon the masses. Why? I cannot say. What market are they attempting to covet with these abominations? I do not know. Are they profoundly ugly? You better believe it.

Adidas says they’ll “get you rodeo-ready with their hybrid cowboy-boot-meets-basketball-trainer style” and Latino blog, Remezcla describes them as the, “mexican hipster-est thing ever,” but honestly, we’re just confused.

But I don’t wanna get rodeo-ready! But if for some reason you do and enjoy being mocked and ridiculed while people ask you own a pair of these just in case your car ever broke down on the way to competing in a rodeo and you wanted something you could run in because what kind of person would ever have two separate kinds of footwear to serve the separate¬† needs required of particular shoes, you can purchase these bad boys right here for $300. Or, as an alternative, how about you just give me $300 to slap you upside the head for being such an idiot for even considering buying these things.