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Twin boys born to San Antonio couple named after Tim Duncan and Tony Parker

New parents Jon Paul and Crystal Dennison first met when both were waiting tables at AT&T Center during San Antonio Spurs games, so when they learned that Dennison was pregnant with twin boys, an idea for names for the two boys came to them quite readily: both felt it appropriate to keep in mind the circumstances that brought them together. So, last Friday, when their identical twins came into this world, they had names for the boys all set: Duncan and Parker.

Via KENS-5 San Antonio (via TBJ):

“It kind of started off as a joke,” the proud father explained. “We said it at lunch one day and everybody laughed. And then we got to thinking that we really actually liked the names a whole lot. They’re really cool names.”

 They’re only five days old, and already sporting the colors. Number 9 and number 21 are ready for action.

 Mom and Dad hope these boys are good teammates like the other Duncan and Parker, sharing victories and providing assists.

 “They could both be superstars on their own,” Jon Paul said of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, “but they work as a team so well.”

 “Once they grow older and Dad gets a little more influence, we’ll be painting the walls silver and black,” the boys’ mother added.

Obviously, it’s fortunate that the two predominant stars of the franchise have relatively normal last names that are commonly used as first names as well. Meanwhile, Manu Ginobili and Gregg Popovich dejectedly sit, holding out hope that some free-spirited San Antonio couple takes a chance and decides to name their twins as an homage to their surnames. Sadly, it could be a long wait.