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(Sigh) Kris Humphries wants Kim Kardashian to return wedding gifts

Just when you thought — or perhaps, better put, hoped — that we had heard the last about the ill-fated nuptials between the New Jersey Nets’ Kris Humphries and his estranged short-term bride, Kim Kardashian, news has managed to crawl up out of the dregs of the celebrity gossip morass to receive some attention from Us Weekly. If only Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin or Kate Upton were somehow involved in this story. Now that would be something.

A well-placed source from within Humphries’ inner circle reports that he is frustrated that Kardashian has not returned the over $100, 000 worth of gifts the couple received and instead opted to donate twice the value to a charity of her choice. Kardashian allegedly unilaterally decided she would donate $200,000 to something called the Dream Foundation instead of returning the gifts, and opted to send thank-you notes informing the gift-givers of her plan.

“Kris has always felt they should return gifts to the people that spent their money on it,” the source explains. “Kris respects Kim for donating money and is happy she is doing that. He 100 percent thinks that is great, but she should give the gifts back.”

I have no intention of assuming the role of Miss Manners in this disagreement between these two, but it seems to me that the only appropriate thing to do would be to return the gifts to those who gave them and allow those people to do as they see fit with the gifts and/or monetary value of those presents.

According to the “Humphries insider,” Kardashian’s refusal to return the gifts may be in violation of a preliminary court order which prohibits the parties from making any decision on how to divide the marital property absent a final decree of dissolution:

“By court order, they are not supposed to do anything at the moment until the marriage is dissolved completely and they both decide how everything will end up,” says the Humphries insider, who tells Us he only kept Bibles given to him by family. “She is violating court order by saying she is not returning them.”

 How about this? How about these two get divorced already? The two have been eking their way through this divorce proceeding longer than they were married, for crying out loud.  That way we can get back to Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin news. Kate Upton gossip would be fine, too, I suppose.