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Hey, look: Another Orlando Magic fan made a Dwight Howard video

Another day, another desperate Magic fan makes a video pleading with Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando. And with the trade deadline approaching, we should expect the frequency of these hackneyed pleas to ramp up considerably.

At least in this guy’s case, who goes by the moniker Scooter Magruder, it appears the entire bit is something of a satirical take on the Dwight Howard madness, so with that in mind, I give this fellow a bit of credit for making fun of the rubes who believe uploading a video to YouTube will somehow affect whether or not Howard remains in Orlando.

Scooter even takes a potshot at Howard near the end of the video, requesting that the center work on his free throws and imploring him to never take another three-pointer.

Sure, it’s not as funny as drugged-up kid after dental surgery or the best-worst Dwight Howard song ever, but it’s still a solid entry. Although at least in Scooter Magruder’s case, the video was intentionally amusing, not the result of the perils of oral surgery or the ill-advised songwriting of cheesy musicians.