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Phrasing employed on Facebook page’s free Jeremy Lin jersey offer is awkward (pic)

“Grab one now! Let’s witness more coming amazing happened !!!”

Holy awkward syntax, Batman!

I suppose about the only thing I can do with this Facebook page which supposedly offers free Jeremy Lin New York Knicks jerseys to anyone foolish enough to click on that link without getting in any trouble is to crack a joke about how this page was created by an ESPN headline writer during his free time.

He didn’t mean to offend anyone, though. Which is nice.

I suppose there was a second option: ignore it entirely as we shouldn’t be talking about this in the first place anyway. Too late now. Yeah. Still, hoo boy.

(note: yes, I am fully aware that English is likely not the primary language of the person who created this page (I hope) — in fact, it was likely the result of Babelfish being utilized (or some other kind of translation software)  — but that still doesn’t take away from how awkwardly humorous it is)