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‘People’ gets in on the Tebow-Swift rumors with comments from a ‘source’

And we all know that a source is a source of course of course and no one can talk to a source, of course…well, you get the gig.

The fine sports journalists at People have managed to track down a rep for Toscanova, the Century City, Calif. restaurant where Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift reportedly dined together on Monday evening. Well, scratch the “reportedly,” because this source confirmed it. Better yet, another onlooker, passed along additional details, including that the two did not appear too cuddly. Here’s more:

“I would say they came in more as friends,” the source says. “Taylor came in with another young male and seemed to be with him more than Tebow. However, it was very hard to determine because they all seemed to be good friends.”

Interesting. The onlooker added there were three other people in the group. Swift wore jeans, a jacket and flats and only drank a latte,  while Tebow and the others feasted upon chicken pillared and fettuccine bolognese. Why am I not surprised that Swift only drank a latte?

And perhaps the most intriguing news of all? One of the other guys picked up the tab, not Tebow. Hmm…Swift, perhaps feeling a bit nervous and self-conscious due to the presence of Tebow only drinking a latte while Tebow doesn’t seize the opportunity to impress Miss Swift by paying the bill? Interesting. The plot thickens…