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Here’s video of the Zamboni driver charged with drunken Zamboni-ing doing his thing

Allegedly doing his thing is perhaps a more appropriate — and fair — way of putting it.

Courtesy of Twin Cities NBC affiliate KARE-11, here’s video shot by 12-year-old Cullen Beck of Apple Valley, Minn. that he shot before his team’s hockey practice in late January. It documents — albeit not very clearly — the allegedly drunken antics of 34-year-old Joel K. Bruss, whose erratic Zamboni driving was cause of such great concern that the police were called and he was subsequently arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

According to court documents (via Star Tribune), Bruss’ blood alcohol content following his arrest was reportedly 0.32 percent. Bruss has been charged with four counts of drunken driving, three of which fall under the class of gross misdemeanor.

Additional details:

According to the complaint filed by the Apple Valley city attorney’s office, a police officer was sent to the Hayes Ice Arena shortly after 8 p.m. Jan. 30. Witnesses said Bruss, a part-time rink attendant, was driving erratically on the Zamboni and hitting the boards while attempting to resurface the ice between youth games.

The complaint said that when the officer entered the arena, the Zamboni machine was partly off and partly on the ice while the driver was trying to get it unstuck. Once Bruss got off the machine, the officer smelled alcohol on his breath and noted that he was “extremely unsteady” and was hanging onto the Zamboni to keep his balance. Bruss was slurring his words and mumbling and his eyes were red, watery and bloodshot, the complaint said.

Video captured by young Cullen Beck on his cell phone of the alleged drunken Zamboni driving incident on Jan. 30 follows.

As mentioned above, the video really doesn’t clearly illustrate one way or the other just how intoxicated Buss may or may not have been on that fateful night. But Cullen’s incredulous and colorful commentary regarding the horrible job the guy is apparently doing more than makes up for the lack of any clear indication of drunken Zamboni-ing.

“Look at him just zig-zag!” “I hope he realizes that he sucks. He hasn’t even got the sides yet” “What kind of turn is that?” “C’mon, are you kidding me?”

Ha. From the mouths of babes.