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Capitals owner Ted Leonsis’ ‘Rally Poncho’ es muy excellente (photo)

Vaya con dios, Senor Leonsis.

In what will likely develop into a full-fledged superstition, Washington Capitals (and Wizards) owner Ted Leonsis sported the above stylish poncho on Tuesday evening. As if the poncho had mystical, game-turning properties, the Capitals staged a furious rally to beat the New York Islanders 3-2 in overtime, perhaps saving their season.

Leonsis later addressed the new good luck duds in a post on his blog (via D.C. Sports Bog):

“My friend Seth Hurwitz gave me a Caps poncho that he bought in Mexico — it is so ugly it is beautiful. He insisted I wear it to rally the team! I did — and boom — we get the two points! Thank you Seth! Rally Poncho!”

I like how Leonsis finished up with “Rally Poncho!” I imagine him raising his arms above his head in self-congratulatory celebration while saying it, kind of like how Steve Holt would do the same thing whenever he said his name. Because it’s funnier that way.