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Blue Jays blatantly disregard golf cart’s maximum occupancy warning (pic)

Hey, assorted Toronto Blue Jays players engaging in golf cart shenanigans during spring training down in Dunedin, Fla.:

Those type of hijinks may be considered acceptable up in Canada, but down here in the U.S. we follow any and all safety regulations that can be found on the Use and Operating Instructions located on golf carts which indicate that a maximum of two passengers should be using the golf cart as a conveyance at any time.

Well, except for the one that instructs drivers of the golf cart not to use alcohol while operating said golf cart. Funny instructions considering the fact that golf courses send out Beer Cart Girls on the course to literally deliver golfers the very substance which the instructions prohibit them from using. Weird.

Anyway, poor form, fellas. Stop using that golf cart like it is a clown car, for Pete’s sake.

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