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Alex Ovechkin, contest winner pose for pic with cake featuring both their faces

What you see above is a photo Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin tweeted on Wednesday night featuring him posing with a guy next to a cake which has both Ovie’s and unidentified contest winner’s visages on it. Dandy. As an aside, is that buttercream frosting? Please tell me that’s buttercream frosting. Why? Because buttercream frosting is delicious, that’s why! Don’t you people know anything about the confectionery arts? Gee whiz.

Moving on, Ovechkin tweeted the following message with the pic (in his trademark broken and often hilarious English):

With lucky guy James who win Mr Big dinner with me. Hahaha))))

Now, if I properly ascertained exactly what Ovie was attempting to get across, I believe that “win Mr. Big dinner with me” part is in reference to a contest that was held in conjunction with Ovechkin’s role as spokesperson for the Canadian-based candy bar Mr. Big. The “hahaha))))” part of the tweet, on the other hand, is fairly self-explanatory.

One can only imagine what a thrill it was for this guy to go out to dinner with Ovechkin. The guy obviously knows how to party. Hope you made it out alive, James. And if so, you better have been able to take that cake home with you. But who knows? Maybe Ovie kept it for himself. Cake is a delicacy in Russia, you know. Ever since the Great Cake Famine shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution. Not a single smear of delicious buttercream frosting to be had in all of Russia, I tell you.

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