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WAG News: Los Angeles Kings star Dustin Penner’s actress wife files for divorce

Jessica Welch, the “actress” wife of Los Angeles Kings winger Dustin Penner, has filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court according to TMZ, citing the oft-used “irreconcilable differences.” I placed the term “actress” in quotes relating to Welch’s career of choice because a quick perusal of her IMDb page indicates things have been pretty quiet on the acting front for her: no acting credits since 2006, with her biggest splash apparently being a three-episode arc in the 1999-2002 series, Big Wolf On Campus, which looks like it was some kind of ill-advised take on Teen Wolf.

What gives this story of love gone bad a bit of extra intrigue (for lack of a better word) is the fact that Miss Welch appears to be something of an NHL WAG, given she was previously married to ex-NHLer Richard Zednik from 2005-2009.

This is the second time this season Penner’s name has been mentioned for issues away from the ice. In January, Penner injured his back while sitting down to eat some pancakes made by his then-not-estranged wife. Back then, he referred to the stack of pancakes as “delicious,” although I wonder if he feels the same way now.

Welch is something of a comely lass, so I imagine if she stays true to her tastes, she will latch on to another NHL player before long. The word is now out, NHLers. May the best man win.