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Kate Upton must have been eating Sour Patch Kids at T’Wolves-Clippers game (pics)

I’m quite certain most of you are aware of this revelatory bit of news already, but in case you have been living under a rock or do not take much interest in borderline-erotic, hyper-sexualized Hardee’s commercials, but this Kate Upton gal, in case you haven’t noticed, well, she’s pretty popular right about now.

That certifiable fact is precisely why I have chosen to make brief mention that the lovely Miss Upton took a seat courtside to take in the Minnesota Timberwolves-Los Angeles Clippers tilt at Staples Center on Tuesday night. I wonder if she was at the game to see a particular player. My guess is Timberwolves intimidating big man, Nikola Pekovic. Talk about the ultimate lady-killer, and I don’t mean that literally. I think.

Of course, what really causes this rather benign news item to warrant any attention at all: photos were taken. And unfortunately, Miss Upton doesn’t look her best — in fact, she seems to be in a bit of a surly mood. Either that or my theory that she was munching on a bag of Sour Patch Kids is spot on.

Still, there were photos, and after all, what’s the point without the pics, am I right? Otherwise, I might as well have written something about Penny Marshall being in the crowd at a Clippers game (again), although a photo gallery featuring that particular Hollywood legend probably wouldn’t generate the same kind of pageviews, even with the sour face. Huh.