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Blustery wind conditions contribute to soccer goalie’s uncanny own goal (video)

“Need a little wind here.”

An Israeli goalkeeper during a match between Maccabi Haifa and Dynamo Kiev clearly did not adequately take into account the gale-force winds he was kicking into, as evidenced by the unbelievable own goal he scored on himself during a friendly. The kicked ball rose high up into the air, only to be caught in a draft, which propelled the ball backwards right into his own net.

After his ultimately ill-fated clear, Haifa goalie Assaf Mendes stood helpless as the ball sailed back into the net. Obviously, this poor fellow, victimized by the unforgiving whims of Mother Nature, has never heard of licking one’s finger and then raising it in the air to deduce wind conditions. I suppose he could have alternatively thrown some grass clippings in the air like golfers do but all these suggestions are pretty much academic at this point.