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Worlds are colliding: Here’s a photo of Don Zimmer holding a Zim Bear

It was only two days ago, but it seems like much longer than that, given the inordinate amount of disturbing dreams I’ve been having ever since I first gazed upon the frightening image of Zim Bear, the terrifying combination of Tampa Bay Rays senior adviser Don Zimmer and a teddy bear which will be given out to Rays fans at some home game this coming season.

But to tie everything up in a neat little bow of nightmare fuel, the above photo of the real Don Zimmer holding the Werezimmer was uploaded to the Rays’ Twitter account. Ha. Old Man Zimmer really seems to like it.

And to add a level of humor to the story, here’s what Don Zimmer had to say when he first laid eyes upon Zim Bear: “It’s gone viral.”

Does anybody really believe for a second that the 81-year-old baseball legend has even one iota of a clue what the phrase “gone viral” means? Or is it more likely one of his grandchildren said it to him and he’s just playing along? Either that or Don Zimmer legitimately believes the fear-inspiring creature he is holding in his hands is the consequence of some perverted brand of science which unleashed a virus upon the world, thereby creating these mutant toys.

Hey, anything is possible.