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Wes Welker tweets that he just finished shooting a commercial for Depend (whaa?)

Working under the assumption that this is real, legitimate tweet from the New England Patriots wide receiver and not the outcome of some wisenheimer hacking Wes Welker’s Twitter account, or, even worse, an inappropriate joke offered up by Welker, that has to be one of the oddest tweets I have ever read. But hey, it’s still better than shilling for Uggs, am I right?

But let’s be honest here: no matter how this entire thing came about, I can’t wait to see how they tiptoe around this sensitive topic and still make the commercial entertaining yet tasteful. And hey, it’s all for charity, so they deserve credit for that part of it.

Here’s a thought on how Welker’s role might go in the commercial:

(Welker enters into frame)

“Hi, I’m New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. While I might crap the bed during the Super Bowl I won’t be crapping my pants anymore. Thanks to these Depend undergarments!”

What do DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews do in the commercial, you ask? Simple. They get all serious because it is a serious topic after all and give the entire spiel about raising money and increasing awareness about prostate cancer. End scene.

Also: far be it from me given the nature of this post not to embed the following video:

Hey man, I had to do it. You know, for s**t’s and giggles. Further, if I don’t work that reference into this post, why bother blogging in the first place?