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This won’t end well: Ben & Jerry’s ‘Taste the Lin-Sanity’ contains fortune cookies

Holly Cherry Garcia, Batman!

Featuring fortune cookies, Lychee honey (which Deadspin astutely points out comes from a fruit grown in Southeast Asia, not from where Lin comes from, California) and vanilla yogurt, the newest Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor will surely get people talking about the company, albeit perhaps not in the way they intended or hoped.

But don’t worry: the the limited edition flavor is only being sold at the Harvard Square location — Ben & Jerry’s at least got this part right, as Lin did attend Harvard — so only folks within that geographical area will actually have the option to be grossly offended or grossly gluttonous as they chow down on the high calorie dessert item.

Really, Ben & Jerry’s should have just cut to the chase and called the new flavor “Rocky Road PR Nightmare” or something like that. Gee whiz.

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