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Sights that can’t be unseen: OKC Thunder fan’s shirtless, jiggly jig (animated gif)

Oh my. And if you thought your appetite was ruined by the still of this obviously enthusiastic Oklahoma City Thunder fan who takes no issue with maintaining his modesty when it’s time to support the team, just wait until you see him grossly groove in animated GIF glory.

Continue on. If you dare.

See? Told you so. The jiggling gyrations of his sizable torso are a sure-fire ticket to Nightmare Fuel Land. Clearly, this masked madman is quite confident that he has the killer moves that the ladies can’t resist and he ain’t afraid to show them off on national television. But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire outfit and performance is the presence of nipple covers featuring the visages of NBA on TNT analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. Maybe the guy does have some semblance of modesty left. Or not.

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