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Finally, a Jeremy Lin Photostitch Machine Embroidery Design craft kit! (pic)

And the ladies in my weekly sewing club said the day would never come. But I held firm, as I knew in my heart that one day, an enterprising individual would come forward and create a Jeremy Lin Photostitch Design kit and make it available for sale on, which Wikipedia informs me “is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.” Wait until the gals in from the sewing circle get a load of this site!

Before we get into the many wonderful Jeremy Lin-inpsired items available on Etsy, a description of the above item, which retails for a mere $5:

Jeremy Lin Photostitch 5×7 hoop

You must have an embroidery sewing machine and the software to transport this design file to your machine to use this. If you want this design stitched out on a pillowcase, T-Shirt or Sweatshirt convo me.

** NOTE ** the first image illustrates the design stitched on black fabric. The second illustrates what it looks like stitched out on white fabric.

The photo image is 11 colors of thread.

Design file will be delivered electronically. Color thread chart and instructions will be sent also.

Convo me if you need the design file resized to fit your hoop.

Oh, I’ll be convo-ing the proprietor of this fine craft. I haven’t been this excited since I ordered my Dikembe Mutombo latch hook kit. But let me spare you of that yarn.

(sad trombone)

Moving on, come along as I highlight some of the many wonderful wares dedicated to the New York Knicks phenomenon currently available:

jeremy lin 17 knicks new york Apple Iphone 4 / 4s case linsanity basketball: $15

Orange and Blue Jeremy Lin Wallet: $25

New York Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin Jersey Dangle Earrings: $12

Jeremy Lin New York Knicks 17 Linsanity Comic Book Style Photo Bracelet: $17

jeremy lin Hand-painted Canvas Shoes sneaker legend in new york: $79.99

Fascinating. Although I have to wonder how these crafts somehow elude the many vagaries of trademark and copyright laws. Maybe they don’t.

Nevertheless, these items are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to peruse the many items at your leisure right here, yet I must admit I am somewhat disappointed no crafty craftsman or craftswoman has created one of those far out wall rug thingies for Jeremy Lin that you often see for sale on the side of highways featuring images of Elvis and unicorns and such. Maybe one day.

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