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Breaking: Darren Rovell reports that Ryan Braun earns a lot more than teachers

(head asplodes)

Talk about blowing the door wide open on a story. Ooh, tell me more, Wise Sage of the Calculator, Dark Lord of the Division Button and All-Knowing Overseer of the Twittersphere.

With a tip of the cap and a deferential bow to the Artful Articulator of Arithmetic, I cannot wait to bust out this mother lode of statistical analysis at a cocktail party. I only wish I had the wherewithal, intelligence and fact-finding ability to figure out exactly how many annual salaries of custodians currently employed in the city of Milwaukee it would require to equate to the money Ryan Braun is set to get back.

If I only had a calculator, an operating internet connection and the manual dexterity required to type inquiries into Google Search…