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Beautiful girl takes the ice during intermission of Blackhawks game (video)

For a precious few seconds during an otherwise innocuous, run-of-the-mill highlight video detailing the high points of the Chicago Blackhawks-Dallas Stars game on Thursday night, the highlights from the game are broken up with a different kind of highlight: the image of an extremely attractive young woman participating in a “Shoot-the-Puck” contest during a game intermission.

It’s fleeting, yes — it begins at approximately the 50-second mark and is over as quick as it began — but the young lady’s appearance leaves an indelible mark upon the rather mundane highlight package.

Video follows:

The guy from The Score narrating the highlights steps out of sportscaster mode to provide a brief editorial comment regarding the relative attractiveness of the woman when he says, “Now at the intermission, I don’t know what this game is called, but oh my God I thought only girls that hot only existed in my dreams. Hashtag: rock it!”

That’s gold, Guy from The Score. Killer analysis. Well played, sir. If this gal is single, somebody should set her up with the guy who expressed his love to Reporter Gal when he took the ice to take part in a contest during a Blackhawks game.

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