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Michelle Beadle nearly takes a guy’s crotch to the back of the head (video)

Yeah, I know how you dirty-minded internet denizens can be, so I am well aware you had little choice but to click through and see exactly what goes down in the aforementioned video. But instead of what you secretly hoped the video would feature, instead it is renowned dunkmeister TDub dunking over a backwards-facing Michelle Beadle, everybody’s favorite SportsNation personality. But then again, when Colin Cowherd is the only other option, it’s really not that impressive to be everybody’s favorite.

Still, impressive hops on this guy. And as a man of taste, class and refinement — really — let me just add that I’m relieved they had Miss Beadle face away from oncoming dunker. Although had he not cleared her head, we probably never would have seen that video anyway.