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Have you heard that Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have spoken to each other?


The fine weekly entertainment news and gossip periodical People, the bastion of sports journalism that it has become, has broken open a story involving none other than Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and New York Knicks budding superstar Jeremy Lin and how the two are in the process of forging a friendship.

People reports that according to Adrian Tam, Lin’s former chaplain at Harvard, the two have “connected” as a result of their faith:

“They’ve spoken over the telephone. Jeremy’s been a fan of Tebow’s for a while, but only recently were they able to connect,” says Tam of Lin, who’s followed Tebow since his quarterback days on the national champion University of Florida football team.

“His comment to me was that Tim is a really great guy and that he’s very inspired by him,” adds Tam.

Well, let’s be honest here: how can’t a person be inspired by Tim Tebow? Trying to avoid that guy’s charisma is like attempting to elude a black hole. A black hole of piety.

But that’s not all. According to the report, Tebow discussed Lin’s rapid ascension to stardom while at the Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game awards show on Feb. 20:

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last few weeks and what a great guy he is.

“How he handles himself and how he carries himself, I think he’s a great role model,” says Tebow. “And I’m proud of it.

“I think he’s handling himself great and I think he can take care of himself. And I just say keep being true to him and keep working hard and don’t listen to everybody else.”

It certainly looks like this dynamic duo has a bit of a mutual admiration society buzz developing, which is hardly surprising given their shared, devout Christianity. But can you imagine what it will be like when they ultimately meet in person? It likely will be quite similar to the first time Pope John Paul II met Mother Teresa. Only with sports dudes.